Back-to-School Tips

Happy New School Year!

Can you believe school starts in just a few weeks?  Here are a few suggestions to get the school year off to a good start.  

Nostalgia for Better Grades?

Lemon, lavender, and peppermint therapeutic grade essential oils have a powerful impact on the  brain’s deep limbic system, which is the seat of memories as well as emotions.  You’ve likely experienced the smell of cookies baking, a brand of cigars or a perfume that made you think of someone specific and various thoughts and feelings associated with them. Yes, an aroma can often make us nostalgic.  Using essential oils while learning in class, or studying can calm the brain making it more receptive to learning new ideas and improve concentration.  A drop of an oil used aromatically prior to a test or exam can improve memory recall.  Use “nostalgia” to your advantage and make school a more pleasant experience.

Improve Performance at School and Work

The following suggestions are paraphrased from Dr. Matthew Edlund’s book, The Body Clock Advantage.

  1. View school as a marathon of continuous learning, study and integration improving long-term memory; rather than as a short sprint of cramming for tests, which will not support long-term memory storage.
  2. Target plenty of sleep, doctors say 9-9.5 hours for high schoolers and at least 8 hours for undergrads.  (OMG Who gets that much sleep anymore?!  It’s worth a try though!!!)
  3. Set consistent wake and bed times which will reinforce biological clocks making it easier to sleep as well as learn.
  4. We often remember what we see or watch more than what we hear.  Although learning can happen through listening, reading makes a visual impression on our brains which improves retention because it is a powerful experience for the brain.  Some suggest temporary suspension of TV and other electronic entertainment devices to allow for more time to read.  

Let me know if you implement some or all of these and what impact they have on your life.

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