Coming Together and Staying in Touch

Do you enjoy chatting with strangers?  Connecting with the people around you at any given moment is quite fun and makes you feel as though you are always at home.  Today, I was at Michael’s getting a few last minute items in preparation for tomorrow’s Open House.  I spotted my favorite candy, Almond Roca, while in line for the register.  If you know Almond Roca, the only times you can get it as a small treat and not in a canister are around the spring and winter holidays.  Apparently, my face betrayed my utter delight when I saw it because the couple behind me started chatting with me in line and wondering what made me stop dead in my tracks walking up to the register.  We had a wonderful laugh together about the delightful find.  It seems no matter where I go or who I am with, strangers and I get into a lovely conversation.

A habit I know I have is looking people in the eye, smiling and asking them how they are.  Even when I am in a less than happy mood that short conversation can be just what is needed to shift into a more positive frame of mind.  It matters not to me if they are the gas station attendant or the cashier at the supermarket or the waiter/waitress serving my meal.  It just makes life better.  We all need the feeling of connection and that someone cares.  How many times are you at your job and people walk by without saying hello or even making eye contact?  What is that about?  Why not hold the space of everyone is a potential friend or at least acquaintance.  Why do we have to be strangers?  With that in mind, enjoy the following video about strangers getting in touch with each other.

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2 Responses to Coming Together and Staying in Touch

  1. Barbara Meza says:

    Yes! This the posting you were speaking of?

    Peace, Barbara Meza

    be present in your life… 201-978-7335

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Alonna Columbo says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video! What a lovely project!

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