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Tendino-Muscular Meridian Technique: A wonderfully relaxing, gentle, stretching technique that reminds and encourages your body to return to its content, happy, pain-free state.  Gentle enough for pregnant mothers experiencing low back pain and pelvic discomfort, kind enough for those contending with fibromyalgia and sports injuries, and conscientious enough to reduce cellulite.  Sessions are about 90 minutes.  Great for all ages.

Therapeutic CalmTherapeutic CalmTherapeutic Calm

Health Kinesiology Acupressure:A fabulous form of energy work to reset the flow of energy, achieve well-being and energetic balance of the mind and body.  many client comment improved clarity and wise decision making.  Still others experience pain relief, decreased physical tension and stress, improved digestion, better sports performance, and even greater will power to stay on track with dieting and smoking cessation goals. Tune in, listen to the language of your body and achieve optimal well-being!

Raindrop Technique: Basil, Cypress, Oregano, Peppermint, Thyme, Valor (R) Wintergreen layered to the spine reflex on the feet and back that may reduce pain and clear scoliosis, not to mention providing well-being, strength and may even reduce inflammation.

Therapeutic CalmTherapeutic Calm

Meridian Energy System Realignment: If you have not been feeling like yourself and a bit out of sorts since the storm, please come in and get reset. According to Nova’s: Inside the Megastrom, the energetic impact of Hurricane Sandy to the east coast was equal to 5 Hiroshima bombs.  No wonder!

Clients love “listening to their body speak,” thus removing the guess work along the path of physical, mental, emotional well-being.