What Clients Are Saying!

Therapeutic Calm takes special care to understand the unique needs of each individual.

Direct Feedback

“It’s like we covered years of talk therapy in just 3-2 hour sessions, this is amazing. Thank you!” – CB

“Thank you so much for yesterday.  It really helped.  I feel more able to work and be productive, overall energy is improving.” – SR

“I can lift my left arm above my head without any pain or discomfort.” – GS

“I just got back from my 20 minute run.  Feeling wonderful!  My leg doesn’t hurt at all.” – MR

“Sara, my food cravings have shifted.  I purchased those fabulous fries I told you about and I didn’t really want them or even enjoy the as much, thank you.” – RP

Feedback left on Groupon Site

“Great, calming, wonderful first experience!!!!  Thanks.” – Abby

“First acupressure experience, but with a different yet effective, approach!” – Anonymous

“Keep up the GREAT work!!!!! You make so many people feel so good and healthy!!!! Sara ROCKS!!!!” – Anonymous

“very professional, seems to have real concern for client, goes above and beyond to demonstrate care and concern, voice and demeanor very soothing and relaxing.  I look forward to going again this month, thank you” – linda

2 Responses to What Clients Are Saying!

  1. eveofsphinx says:

    I tried the body cream and was very impressed. It had a very light therapeutic and pleasant smell. It also absorbs very well and is an excellent moisturizer! I would definitely recommend this product.

  2. Cotenna says:

    I received a gift today from Therapeutic Calm. Oohhh mmyyy! The presentation of the gift and packaging was my first glimpse into what was to come. Let me start, by saying there was a handwritten THANK YOU note placed inside the box and for me this is GRAND be/c I’m so FOND of simple gestures such as this. Now, onto the products~ the homemade granola is DELICIOUS (I mean delicious) and it came in an adorable mason jar (my favorites)! Also, included was: a Juniper whipped body butter and Himalayan Salt Body Scrub. The whipped body butter is AMAZING and the creamy texture glides over your skin leaving it silky soft, smooth and ultra moisturized. And the smell of the Juniper is SO calming, zen and peaceful it immediately transported my mind into a place of tranquility. This product is a WINNER!! As of now, I have yet to try the body salt but I’m anticipating it “wonderfulness!” I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with this company, it’s products and professionalism. So, if you’re thinking about placing an order don’t hesitate be/c I don’t think you will be disappointed. I know I certainly wasn’t.

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