How to Make Asparagus Milanese

This looks so yummy!!!

The Divine Hostess

asparagus milanese roasted asparagus with olive oil

Hey healthy bunnies! Check out this easy to follow instructional video on how to make asparagus Milanese. Along the way you’ll find I’ve added information about the health benefits of asparagus and why it works so well with eggs! Just make sure you have eggs, 1 lb of asparagus, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper (cheese is optional). If you don’t eat eggs, I guarantee my way of making asparagus will be just as delicious on its own or as a side with another dish. Don’t forget to rate and comment!



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Coming Together and Staying in Touch

Do you enjoy chatting with strangers?  Connecting with the people around you at any given moment is quite fun and makes you feel as though you are always at home.  Today, I was at Michael’s getting a few last minute items in preparation for tomorrow’s Open House.  I spotted my favorite candy, Almond Roca, while in line for the register.  If you know Almond Roca, the only times you can get it as a small treat and not in a canister are around the spring and winter holidays.  Apparently, my face betrayed my utter delight when I saw it because the couple behind me started chatting with me in line and wondering what made me stop dead in my tracks walking up to the register.  We had a wonderful laugh together about the delightful find.  It seems no matter where I go or who I am with, strangers and I get into a lovely conversation.

A habit I know I have is looking people in the eye, smiling and asking them how they are.  Even when I am in a less than happy mood that short conversation can be just what is needed to shift into a more positive frame of mind.  It matters not to me if they are the gas station attendant or the cashier at the supermarket or the waiter/waitress serving my meal.  It just makes life better.  We all need the feeling of connection and that someone cares.  How many times are you at your job and people walk by without saying hello or even making eye contact?  What is that about?  Why not hold the space of everyone is a potential friend or at least acquaintance.  Why do we have to be strangers?  With that in mind, enjoy the following video about strangers getting in touch with each other.

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Essential Oils & Your Health

Essential Oils & Your Health

This infographic, I put together to help you understand why essential oils are a necessary part of your well-being.  Let’s talk Frequency!

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December AromaKids Class

The next AromaKids: Chemistry class will be Sunday, December 8th.  As always there’s an Aroma Essentials Tool Kit, for each student, to make learning creative and fun.

We had a wonderful time this past Sunday!  The November class even included a teenager.  So, let’s experiment by eliminating generation gaps and make December an AromaKids & Teens class.

We had a blast!

017 024

Everyone named their custom blend.  There were blends called Christmas Tree Flower, Christmas Tree Mint, Wall-E, Antidote and Nick.

A workshop is in development so get ready for more fun and creative learning.

Thank you to Bianca’s Balloons for our fabulous arrangement.  Who knew balloon flowers would become swords.

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12 Rules to Boost Your Powerful Brain

Here’s an infographic I put together about how our brain works.  There are some really great tips on how to boost your memory and improve learning.  It is based on the book Brain Rule by John Medina.  Undoubtedly, essential oils may be used throughout the steps mentioned, but particularly with rules #5, 6, and 9.

Brain Rules

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Aromatherapy Featured on NBC and FoxNews

There is nothing that makes me happier than to see alternative medicine becoming more mainstream.  This is a great clip from NBC News affiliate in Washington, DC about Young Living Oils being used in the hospital.

This video from FoxNews features a clinic in Texas.  Although terms such as prayer and anointing are used by these practitioners, you have likely experienced the benefits of essentials oils by Young Living during your sessions at Therapeutic Calm although no “rites or rituals were included.”

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Exciting Results are Happening!

Take a look at the progress of this client in just three sessions.  It is amazing how long we live with discomfort or even lose hope after searching and “trying everything.”  He had received cortisone shots and even liquid nitrogen. Nothing brought him relief from the itch of a bee sting in his pre-teens. Now as an adult, he had relief for the first time in just a single session. The results and relief from his 90-minute sessions have been amazing.

Bee Sting Case Study

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